The Agile bender: a poem by NJW (poet, scientist, dad)


The Agile Bender came at sunset,
No one saw.
Round the walls, he at the onset,
Prowled for hours to gain an access
At our door.
The Manager collects our taxes,
Keeps us safe from night time prowlers,
Bright toothed Beelers, Benders, Howlers.

Our town is cramped and black with dirt.
We don’t care.
The Manager keeps us safe from hurt,
From Benders (though no one has found them)
He says they’re there.
He watches for a chance to hound them,
From pointed spires, towers and gables,
Alleys, yards and smelly stables.

My sister lives in Burnham Beeches,
I’d like to go.
She says she’s never seen these creatures.
But with no boss to organise her,
I’d like to know,
What could be done if one surprised her?
All alone, who would defend her,
If ever came an Agile Bender?

Still, I would like to travel yonder,
But I dare not.
It is foolish far to wander.
The manager says the woods are crawling,
And I care not
To meet wild Benders out a brawling.
So here I stay mid factory fumes,
To work his shuttles, wheels and looms.

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