Love Poem



The boy, the beach, the rocks,

The leap, the twist, the dive,

Alive. The simple lines

Of hills and sand and tide.

This happy life.

All brown and sandy blonde,

His lips, sun kissed.

Kicks, tackles, back flips,

Takes a wave head on,

Makes a fist

Screams through the surf

“Can you do this?”


A kiss, and with this “yes”

A thousand crashing waves

pause. For, on bended knee, he smiles

a while, thinks of wedded bliss.

Their happy life;

Holds close this curve of Clare

and hopes his arms are strong,

Can shield them from

This brooding sky

This changing mood,

The helpless fear,

The hurt, the heavy heart,

The salty tear.


And here was where they stood,

Painted rocks in hand and

Heard the tangled rhymes,

A hundred floating dreams

Let go, rise up.

A happy life? So,

Bittersweet to meet again

On pardoned shores

Not menacing, but grey.

The days, long gone

Of fights and twisted tongues

Bewildered, battered, bruised

And torn? Or bound by

other ties? Not so forlorn.


See him now, ye fuckers,

Swarthy still and still sun kissed

Not come to so much harm;

Takes up his twirling girls

And holds them in his arms.


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